Get to know my Samsung Fridge Freezer


When we were deciding upon a fridge freezer for our family Samsung’s instantly jumped out at us due to their great reputation and intelligently thought out features. During this blog post I will highlight some of the amazing design features and why we fell in love with our Samsung Fridge Freezer.



Our Samsung Fridge Freezer oozes space and as a family of four this was something that was instantly appealing to us.  It has lots of shelves, deep storage drawers, a wine rack and even shelving in the freezer doors which optimises it’s storage capacity.  We love to freezer left over food and vegetables from our allotment, in addition to our typical frozen food bought at the supermarket.

Total No Frost
Samsung’s Total No Frost feature  allows the  freezer to maintain an even temperature,  this prevents ice build-up and saving you the hassle of defrosting.

All-Around Cooling

There are carefully positioned vents around the interior walls of the RS52N3313SA/EU  which allows the air to keep circulating. This means every shelf has the same temperature, helping food stay fresher for longer.



Power Freeze
This clever feature quickly decreases the freezer’s temperature when new food  items are added to your freezer, which therefore helps to preserve the quality of fresh food while protecting your frozen items from defrosting.

Water dispenser

Get the refreshing taste of filtered water without the need to hook your fridge into your plumbing. The RS52N3313SA/EU will filter and chill the water – the perfect beverage for a hot day

Vacation mode

Although this is something I can’t utilise during present circumstances, it is something we have benefited from in that past.  It is designed to reduce the power usage when you go on holiday for longer periods of time.  You want to save energy by powering down the RS52N3313/EU when you’re away for a fortnight, but you don’t want items in the freezer to defrost while you’re not there.  If you switch on Holiday Mode,  you use less energy by powering down your fridge section which saves you money on power bills.

Door alarm

If you’re busy in the kitchen and don’t quite close the door on your Samsung Home Appliance, a warning will sound to alert you to the escaping cold. This is also handy for alerting you that a little one is rummage in the fridge for food!



I hope you have found this blog handy for explaining all the fantastic design features on my Samsung Fridge Freezer, I really recommend them for giving you huge food storage with very clever technology.  They have a huge range of Fridge Freezers to meet your needs and your space, so take a look.


Renovating a kitchen on a budget


This was our kitchen when we moved into our house it was very tired looking and was in desperate need of modernising.  We couldn’t afford to replace the kitchen so we started our mission to renovate it on a low budget. This article will share with you our kitchen renovating tips

1.Change the layout of your cupboards to accommodate new appliances and replace your worktops.

Appliances can really date a kitchen. In our kitchen we had an old white built in cooker so we removed this and replaced it with a classic range cooker and hood.  We removed the built in fridge as it doors opened into the kitchen door and by moving it gave us more kitchen space and made it more accessible.  We picked up a new ceramic sink and oak worktops on Ebay which were a fraction of the price of DIY stores saving us over a thousand pounds!  Wooden worktops give a fresh look and are very hygienic, use Danish oil to treat wooden worktops to keep them looking new.

2. Add feature lighting

In a kitchen it is essential to zone your lighting with a variety of different styles, for example pendant lighting over your table.  Jam Jar lights are a nice feature quirky feature in a kitchen which can be purchased from

3. Changing the tiles and grouting

Our kitchen was covered in cream tiles with white grout which gave the room a dated look.  We purchased these white brick tiles (available in many DIY stores) but to give the room a fresher look we used grey grout.  Not only does it give the tiles a modern look but it hides the dirt and ageing process of the grout brilliantly! Grout does come in more shades than white, do consider grey and cream too to suit your colour scheme.

4. Paint the cupboards and replace kitchen cupboard handles

Our kitchen cupboards were tired, chipped and scratched and had very dated handles.  So we removed all the handles and wood filled the original drilled holes.  We wanted to keep the kitchen cream so we used Vintro Paint in Buckingham which is a chalk paint that is thicker than Annie Sloan paint therefore is better designed for painting kitchen cupboards.  The cupboards took 3 layers of paint and 3 layers of Annie Sloan lacquer to seal it.

Once the paint and lacquer had been finished the handles were replaced with some modern finger pull and shaker handles which are very fitting in our victorian home. A huge range of choice of kitchen handles can be found at

5. Wallpaper

A feature piece of wallpaper such as this Sheep paper by Belynda Sharples creates a real talking point within a kitchen.  For a vast range of wallpapers visit I Want

6. Feature furniture

Here at Dickson Vintage we pride ourselves on creating unique bespoke furniture such as a stunning stencilled table or a beautiful Cath Kidston Kitchen shelf.  A statement piece of furniture can be a real talking point in your home.

7. Pictures and accessories

At Dotcomgiftshop there are a huge range of wall signs, this is one of our personal favourites which proudly hangs in our kitchen.  For all other kitchen essentials try the AGA Cookshop.

8. Sourcing good quality blinds and curtains

Sourcing handmade blinds on Ebay, Etsy or a local seamstress can save you hundreds rather than ordering from a big fabric selling shop.

Our final renovation results are pictured below which includes new appliances, sink, worktops, tiling, freshly painted cupboards and walls and more floor space due to change in layout all done on a tight budget. We are very pleased with the results!



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