Aosom helps to brighten up your outdoor space


Aosom UK, or as it’s pronounced, ‘Awesome’ stocks a huge range of homeware, kitchen, garden and outdoor, pet, office and car products to the U.K. and Ireland.  I was excited to collaborate with ‘Aosom‘ and learn about their range of products.



Aosom kindly gifted me this handy folding picnic table bench set plus this gorgeous marquee which means I can make the most of the summer months.  The picnic table and benches are easy to fold and carry so you can take them anywhere and have a picnic.  We have already used it in our garden and we hope to take it out to different locations soon.  The Outsunny Wooden Folding Picnic Table Set with Benches is ideal for outdoor and indoor use or whenever you need an extra table or seating. Perfect for events like camping, parties, weddings etc.  The  bench feels strong and you could easily fit 8 people sitting around the table.


The marquee was very impressive as it was so easy to erect – no attaching poles, instead it comes as one frame.  This pop up gazebo is great for family parties, weddings, picnics, sports events, outdoor vendors, craft fairs, job sites and camping trips. This canopy has an high quality powder coated steel frame which has high strength and is suitable for winter time too. The marquee looks beautiful on it’s own but you could easily add some decorations to this depending on your party theme.



I really recommend Aosom products as they are great quality and are reasonably priced.  If you’re looking for some outdoor seating this summer you will love their huge range of seating from corner sofas to table and chairs.  You will also find an abundance of garden decor too to style your outdoor space, so go take a look and happy styling!






Get to know my Samsung Fridge Freezer


When we were deciding upon a fridge freezer for our family Samsung’s instantly jumped out at us due to their great reputation and intelligently thought out features. During this blog post I will highlight some of the amazing design features and why we fell in love with our Samsung Fridge Freezer.



Our Samsung Fridge Freezer oozes space and as a family of four this was something that was instantly appealing to us.  It has lots of shelves, deep storage drawers, a wine rack and even shelving in the freezer doors which optimises it’s storage capacity.  We love to freezer left over food and vegetables from our allotment, in addition to our typical frozen food bought at the supermarket.

Total No Frost
Samsung’s Total No Frost feature  allows the  freezer to maintain an even temperature,  this prevents ice build-up and saving you the hassle of defrosting.

All-Around Cooling

There are carefully positioned vents around the interior walls of the RS52N3313SA/EU  which allows the air to keep circulating. This means every shelf has the same temperature, helping food stay fresher for longer.



Power Freeze
This clever feature quickly decreases the freezer’s temperature when new food  items are added to your freezer, which therefore helps to preserve the quality of fresh food while protecting your frozen items from defrosting.

Water dispenser

Get the refreshing taste of filtered water without the need to hook your fridge into your plumbing. The RS52N3313SA/EU will filter and chill the water – the perfect beverage for a hot day

Vacation mode

Although this is something I can’t utilise during present circumstances, it is something we have benefited from in that past.  It is designed to reduce the power usage when you go on holiday for longer periods of time.  You want to save energy by powering down the RS52N3313/EU when you’re away for a fortnight, but you don’t want items in the freezer to defrost while you’re not there.  If you switch on Holiday Mode,  you use less energy by powering down your fridge section which saves you money on power bills.

Door alarm

If you’re busy in the kitchen and don’t quite close the door on your Samsung Home Appliance, a warning will sound to alert you to the escaping cold. This is also handy for alerting you that a little one is rummage in the fridge for food!



I hope you have found this blog handy for explaining all the fantastic design features on my Samsung Fridge Freezer, I really recommend them for giving you huge food storage with very clever technology.  They have a huge range of Fridge Freezers to meet your needs and your space, so take a look.




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