‘The Crown’ inspired look for your home using Frith Rugs


This post has kindly been sponsored by Frith Rugs to create ‘The Crown’ inspired look for your home.

When considering what is needed to create ‘The Crown’ look in your home, I concluded that it is really important to create subtle floral layers within your room.  Frith Rugs kindly gifted me this beautiful Aubusson rug which has a stunning vintage look with intricate and delicately woven flowers.  The quality gives a luxurious opulent feel and screams fit for a queen or king!


To help create ‘The Crown’ look continue the floral look with floral cushions and lots of fresh flowers in the room.  In our living room, I have included a floral garland which I made in a base of oasis.  It helps to create a grand royal look!

Using vintage prints and pictures in your home will give a gorgeous vintage look and look great against your vintage inspired rug.  You can also add an other vintage items to your room that will give your room a timeless feel – furniture, glassware and general decorative items like the calendar shown in this picture.

When creating a regal look in your home be sure to host an afternoon tea party with a Victoria Sponge of course and lots of tea!  Always serve your tea party on pretty floral, bone china and drink out of a cup and saucer.  You will instantly feel more majestic!


Consider using fabrics to layer your room, against your base floral Frith rug as this will enhance your ‘The Crown’ look.  I do this by draping blankets over the furniture and also you could consider patterns or velvets for your sofa and curtains.

The wall colour of your room is also really important when creating a royal look, consider soft blues, pinks and whites which will compliment this timeless look.

As you can see from the picture below by putting my Frith Aubusson rug against these layers of rich floral items it creates a room fit for a queen or a king!



Our Painted stairs and Hallway


To update your entrance hall why not try injecting some colour using some floor paint?

We were inspired by these images to remove our out of date carpet in our Victorian home.

First we had the task of removing the old blue carpet which was dark and oppressive.  Once it was gone the hallway instantly looked lighter.  We then filled in any major holes with wood filler but didn’t fill in too much as the dents in the floor demonstrate that you have genuine Victorian floorboards and give your house some character.  Our floorboards were clean apart from the residue of lead paint up the stairs. When speaking to a floorboard cleaning specialist he informed us it is better not to remove lead paint (due to being toxic!) so instead we made sure we primed the floor with three layers of floor paint primer.

Next step was to paint the insteps of the stairs in New White and Teresa’s Green for the risers. The rest of the wood work and the walls of the hallway were painted in Wimborne White and Elephant’s Breath.  All of the paints mentioned were purchased from Farrow and Ball. We decided to pay the extra for Farrow and Ball paints as they sit beautifully on the walls in a period property and are low or minimal in VOC – great for homes with children in them! Another point to make is you can use their site to read about which colours compliment each other and colours to suit the direction that the room faces.  All very helpful reading material!

Make sure you use good quality brushes such as Harris brushes, as you do not want brush hairs falling out onto your floor paint.  Another tip is to be well stocked up with White Spirit as this is no quick job and involves a lot of washing of the brushes!

Our finished stairs and hallway are pictured below and as you can see all the hours were definitely worth it!




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