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How to create a Christmas Winter Garland for your Home


A  Christmas Winter Garland is a great Christmas decoration for your home which is a very simple floral arrangement to do.  It creates a lovely focus point within a room and looks great above a wood burning stove.

All of the items I have used in my  winter garland have either been from the garden, my parents’ farm or my local floral wholesalers but I will link to suppliers online so you can create this in your home too.

You will need:



Steps for making your Christmas Winter Garland

First soak the blocks of oasis in a washing up bowl until the oasis has absorbed water throughout it. Now you can place the oasis in their trays ready to create your Christmas Winter Garland.

You can begin to dress the oasis with small branches of pine/conifers – this will act as your base layer for your Christmas Winter Garland. Simply press them into the oasis to fix them in place.

Now you add a layer of eucalyptus which I recommend crossing the eucalyptus over one another to give a rustic look to your Christmas Winter Garland. You can either use fresh eucalyptus, artifical or dried.


Once the greenery is in place, you now have reached the fun part…adding the decorative flowers and berries.  Place them randomly across your oasis and use your own personal choice for this.  I picked my berries from our garden and hedgerows at my parents’ farm.  There is a huge range of dried flowers that can be found at Rose and Grey which would work perfectly for a garland.  My personal favourite is adding some gypsophila to add some light into the garland.

When you have finished adding the decorative flowers weave a simple string of gold lights which can be turned on in the evening to create a warm ambience.  Your Christmas Winter Garland will sparkle over your roaring fire as your lights twinkle!

Enjoy your Christmas Winter Garland

Finally, relax, kick back and enjoy your beautiful Christmas Winter Garland in front of a roaring fire!  To prolong the life of your garland water the oasis regularly to prevent drying out.  For more tips on how to create your Christmas Winter Garland visit @dickson_vintage’s story highlights.




How to use stencilled rollers on walls and furniture


If you are wanting to create a unique eye catching piece of stencilled furniture or you want an alternative to wallpaper…..look no further!  The pretty vintage style rollers are designed to be interchangeable and reusable, allowing you to purchase many designs to personalise your home. Although there are a few companies that produce roller stencils, I highly recommend the Painted House.

The best instructions on how to use the rollers are from the creator herself Clare Bosanquet. Follow the guidelines in the video in this post or following the written instructions on her website.


Here are just a few examples of finished pieces of work I have created which I know every customer has been very delighted to receive and have had many compliments from people visiting their home.


Please note for furniture which will need to be hardwearing (tables for example), make sure you finish the piece with Annie Sloan lacquer instead of clear wax. This will protect the stencil design form being chipped or scratched. Always practise your rolling on either a piece of wood or hard cardboard before you roll onto your piece of furniture. The best colour combinations need to contrast each other for example white on a dark paint.  I’ve found Old White from Annie Sloan works beautifully over the top of her darker paints such as Duck Egg Blue and Paris Grey.

Feel free to comment on this post if you would like further guidance and good luck! Happy stencilling! 🙂



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